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Common Ailments and Self Management


There is no magic cure for the common cold!  General advise is to take plenty of fluids and rest.  If you have a headache or fever you should take Paracetomol or Aspirin (over 16’s only).  Antibiotics will not help treat a common cold.



In adults, diarrhoea is normally caused by a viral infection and there is no medication to cure directly.  There are, however, some medicines which may ease symptoms.  Diarrhoea in babies and small children require further attention and if symptoms persist for more that 24 hours, please call the Practice.



Burns should be held under cold water for a minimum of 10 minutes as soon as possible, perhaps longer.  If the burn is larger than 5 inches in diameter, or if the skin is broken, your should consult a GP.  If the skin is unbroken abut blistered, apply a loose dry dressing.

Back Pain

Due to the complex nature of the spine, it is advisable to consult your Doctor if suffering from back pain.


Bedsores can be prevented by shifting position as often as possible if lying in bed for long periods.  Smoothing out creases on bed sheets can help too.  Bedsores can appear on heels, buttock, elbows and hips.  Your GP should be informed if symptoms do not improve.


Blotchy red rash on face and body.  Infections disease that can be prevented by immunisation.


Swelling of gland in front of ear/s.  Infections disease that can be prevented by immunisation.

German Measles (Rubella)

Rash covers body in small pink patches.   Infections disease that can be prevented by immunisation.

Insect Bites and Stings

Antihistamines can be sought from Pharmacies.

Head Lice

Medicated head lotion sought from Pharmacies.


Cold Water, Paracetomol and calamine lotion can help.


Lean head forward with mouth open for 10 minutes.  Avoid hot drinks and hot food for 24 hours.


A group of diseases affecting stomachs or intestine.  Symptoms often sickness and/or diarrhoea.  Fluids should be maintained.  If symptoms persist longer than 24 hours, consult your GP (6 hours for children)


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